Democracies Should Not Resort to Lesser of Two Evils Argument

I’ll start this off the way I do so many of my posts.  With a definition.

Democracy: Government by the people.


Let me back up.

If my wife were to walk into the kitchen and ask me what I want for dinner and my only options are spaghetti or linguini, I’d be pretty fucking pissed.  Because I know for a fact there are tortillas in there.  I know there are at least three different types of meat.  I know there is bread and I could create a sandwich if I needed to.  But she’s standing in the kitchen with two cupboards open and the fridge door ajar telling me my only choices are spaghetti and linguini.

I realize that I would have a preference because linguini would likely have a white sauce and spaghetti sauce is tomato based.  I realize that the meat options are there still, but it’s going to still be a choice of pastas.

I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti sauce.  Unless I slow cook it myself adding my own level of flavor and spice.

I’d probably opt for linguini.  Neither may sound good that day.  Especially if my options have been similar recently.  Maybe we had fettuccine recently.  Maybe I made manicotti recently.

It’s all pasta.

And she gave me a choice.

I got to determine which sauce or meat may go good with the pasta I am having this time.  A slight variety.Think of Donald Trump as the orange sauce spaghetti.  Think of Hillary Clinton as the white sauced linguini.I feel like that’s what we’re up against when we are told to choose the lesser of two evils.  When we are forced to choose between two options that we don’t really want, but that’s all we are offered.  And somebody I really trust has told me that’s the only two options I have, because the media keeps telling me.  Every single day.  The cupboards are open and the fucking fridge light is on.  We are wasting energy and time, the media yells.  Fine, goddamn fettuccine.  Happy?  That wasn’t an option.  And I know I just went to the damn store.  I was just there.  Democracy would be giving people all the choices.  Admitting that we have been to the store recently and there are many choices.  That would be democracy.  Admitting that people can have more.  Telling them that the whole store is up for their liking.If a person chooses Spam and ramen, that’s on them.  They have to know that not many other people are picking that off the menu, but at least that person got to choose and exercised true freedom.Democracy would also allowing everybody in the house to determine what should be made for dinner after being educated on all the choices.  Education because that’s what Thomas Jefferson preached as the way to have a successful democracy.Full disclosure, I honestly don’t believe in democracy when it comes to dinner.  It’s tricky.  I mean, what if everybody chooses something different?  Are we really going to campaign?  My oldest would likely give in.  Mind would easily be changed as long as there is food in the end. There are people like that in the world.  There are people who can be easily influenced.  There are people who are very stubborn and set.  I want to say to some of those people that they should just go buy a can of Chef Boyardee and sit in the corner by yourself.  Don’t even need to heat Spaghettios up.  I had friends who lived on that when I was a child.Unfortunately, America has a democracy which is more like making dinner for a large family than a true democracy.  Somebody is in charge.  Somebody may talk it over with one or two people.  That small group of power will determine which is good for the rest of the family.  The kids may complain when they get to the table, but they will always consume it because they are dependent upon the others’ and their choices.What’s for dinner always depends on who is funding dinner.What often happens is that when the kids of that family get out on their own, they think they need to be eating pasta, but get excited when the taco truck rolls by.  And all the pasta eating mother fuckers are going to say, oh, now you want tacos?  Well I hope you enjoy the heartbern (misspelled on purpose) you’re about to get.

If we want to break it down, our country needs to stop preaching democracy to other countries until we actually practice democracy ourselves.  Mom and Dad don’t get to choose for us forever.  We recognize other options.  We determine that there other philosophies and ideologies.

This isn’t a right vs. wrong thing.  This is what will work today in our environment.

My wife’s mother used to put elk meat in the spaghetti when she made it.  I may have said spaghetti sounded good, but I never asked for elk meat.  Ever.  She didn’t tell us that’s what she was doing.  She always assumed what we didn’t know wouldn’t hurt us.  But we could always tell.  I never asked for Citizen’s United or lobbyists or PACs.  I asked for none of that.  Like the elk meat, we can always tell the poor taste after it is served.

And once the elk meat started getting put into my spaghetti is when I stopped wanting spaghetti.  Orange face sauce or not.

Like in a large family, half the kids refuse to even acknowledge that they have a choice in dinner.  This is huge.  They give up their right to suggest an option for dinner.  They accept the status quo.

I believe that in the United States, if we want to become a true democracy, we register every single person who turns 18.  Birthday and registration on the same day.  Go vote.  Take part.

We need to stop creating voter ID laws.  We need to allow all American citizens to vote.  I don’t care if somebody committed a crime.  That person served their time and is a free person.  Let them vote.

We need to allow equal access to all candidates.  Let the dinner options be known.  Call it the American Political Menu.  Stop pushing the chef’s special pasta.

We need to get money out of politics.  No more elk meat.  No more junk.  We choose our dinner and get exactly what we paid for.

Guacamole (green party) is extra, but we have the right to demand it anyway.  With the understanding that it may cost extra.  We understand this.  We are not demanding free stuff, but we are demanding good use of the guacamole that you are already making.

Maybe you want only tea for dinner because you are just so sick and tired of depending on Mom and Dad and want to show the world you know how to feed yourself through Dr. Seuss books.  Choose that.  It should be on the menu.  Have your fucking tea, but don’t whine when you’re not full.

I guarantee you that those people choosing tea have a stash of empanadas or tamales stashed in Panama.  Guaranteed.

Napkins and good silverware may cost extra too, but we should all have access to it.

These are the choices a true democracy makes.

Or we can continue to pay into a utensil fund only to find out that Mom and Dad have been spending it on good silverware for themselves so they can more easily eat their seafood pasta while we stab at the elk spaghetti with our plastic forks and disposable napkins.

Because that is what America is currently offering.


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