It Doesn’t Really Matter

I have spent 12 of the last 14 months not working.  The job I had was too much driving with little future.  I quit.  I made a conscientious decision to better my life.  To roll the dice.  Gamble.

I have argued that is all life is.  A series of dice rolls.  Gambling with each and every decision we make.  If we are smart, we make bets that are low risk, but if we only take those low risks, we may not ever truly be happy.

I’ve taken a few high risk gambles in my life.  I took one that felt low risk until I got into it.  We never truly know until the die stops rolling.

There is no plan.

Everything doesn’t happen for a reason.

We can find reasons for things.  We can justify events.  We can pretend like there’s some master plan.  But I’m convinced that shit just happens.

After what seems like 200 interviews, I was finally offered a position.  It isn’t great.  The company does seem like a good company and my boss isn’t an ass hole.  I haven’t been able to say that for a while.  The pay is only okay.  I’ve made more every year I’ve worked for over a decade.  Another gamble.

I was training in another state when Ted Cruz and John Kasich quit running for president on consecutive days.  They opened the door for that extraordinary douche to take the nomination.  The manager where I was training mentioned it and decided it would be a good idea to ask me where I stood on politics.  Who does that?

One of my flaws is that I don’t back down from too many conversations.  So I told him.

His response was that he doesn’t really pay attention because all politicians are corrupt.  He said, “It doesn’t really matter.”

The only other person in the room was a guy who seemed just as disengaged with the system as anybody I’ve ever known.

I sit here almost a month later with my dog sleeping on my lap tapping out characters underneath my fingers to say that he may be right.

It doesn’t really matter.

The system was designed to make us feel that way.  The system works in exactly that way.

It doesn’t really matter.

And there’s nothing you and I are ever going to do about it.

We won’t.

Because the last month has been exhausting for me.  I realize that is partly because I haven’t worked much over the last year plus, but I am exhausted.  I’m not sure that will end soon.

This weekend is my first two day weekend since starting this job and that’s only because the holiday has shut the place down.

I woke with my legs not feeling fatigued for the first time in a month.

Yes, I’m the boss, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do any physical work.

My head rested this morning, I put this dog on a leash, (bluetooth) plugged in some music, and went to the dog park for the first time in a few weeks.  I thought about how the system works.

This was an incredible year to not work.  I sat in my chair day after day watching the complete horseshit that existed day to day.  Watching Donald Trump’s twitter feed wondering what goes on in his head.  Watching how all these politicians on the right tried to become more and more absurd each day.  I saw it all.

The carnival of carnivals.  And it’s not over.

I read stories of corruption by the Clinton campaign.  Watched how she strategically created environments which made her look good.  Small speeches instead of rallies.  Only supporters are let in.  Few and far between.  Watching the poll numbers to see if a change needed to be made.  Read of voter suppression.

She was spotted a huge lead in the first quarter and played it safe.  Played not to lose.  It appears it will work.  I’ve seen teams crumble when they have a big lead and implement this strategy.

But now I’m working.  All the time.  I don’t want to watch the news.  I don’t want to see how mainstream media spins this or that.  I don’t have the patience.

Who does?

Society is exhausted.  Regularly.  Why the media tells us what to think.  Why they take the guess work out of it.  Pick a station with a slant and they will tell you how to feel about events and which politicians to vote for and why certain things are happening.

Corporately Modified Information.

It’s designed to wear us down.

I walked this dog back from the dog park thinking about this.  Comparing and contrasting how I feel when I have the time to actually investigate and think for myself.  I realized that the rest of the world probably doesn’t have the “luxury” I had.

It doesn’t really matter.

The Libertarian Party nominated Gary Johnson yesterday.  He will run for president again.

It doesn’t really matter.

The Libertarian Party is the where the Tea Party sprouted from.  These are the most selfish people in our society.  They stand for only their own needs and greed.  Not even they can get their message to the people.

Jill Stein from the Green Party impresses me when she talks.

It doesn’t really matter.

She will be dismissed as an outsider.  As irrelevant.

Just like David Koch was when he was on the ticket in 1980 for the Libertarian Party.

Now the Koch Brothers dictate how the conservative party thinks and feels and talks.  What a difference.

It’s actually amazing.

Because since 1980 most of the country kept telling themselves that it doesn’t really  matter.  All the politicians are corrupt.  They are all crooked.  So a little power and money went a long way.

George W. Bush used the 9/11 attacks to start two wars which helped Dick Cheney’s former company Halliburton make millions off tax payer money.  Bush also used the attacks to push the Patriot Act through.  A horrible, horrible piece of legislation.

But it doesn’t really matter.  It doesn’t.

The conversation has moved so far to the right that the for sure nominee for the Democratic party holds (or has recently held) opinions which have been right wing stances for years and nobody seems to be bothered.

Because it doesn’t really matter.

It actually should be alarming that people are bothered by all this.  That they are mobilized when usually they would be complacent.

Buckle up kids.  The engine is just getting revved up.

I’m back at it tomorrow.  Up at 3:30 am.  If my entire crew shows up to work maybe I can think more than I do the physical work.  Maybe I can give my legs a break.

I’ve also my eye on the future and bills that I need to pay.  Just like every other middle class citizen.  Just like anybody else who simply wants a distraction from all the difficult things in life.

I get a few hours each day to relax.  Dinner.  Time with my kids if I see them (unlikely).  My dog on my lap.

I take time to watch some baseball if there’s a game on.

Watch a show to numb the mind if I have something recorded.

We are defined by our jobs.  By how we feel about our situation at work.  Talk to anybody.  They will likely tell you about what happened at work quickly.

And at length.

Maybe traffic.

We are stressed by our financial system.  This is a conversation for another day.  Hopefully soon.

Out there in the rest of the world, well, people think it will all happen.  There’s a plan.  We can pay attention and try to affect it, but there’s no use.

Because they are all corrupt.  They are all wasting time and making money and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.  Nothing.

Because it doesn’t really matter.


If It Ain’t Broke…

It’s one of the first sayings of this kind I remember hearing.  Maybe it was just real popular in the 70’s.  I’m not exactly sure.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
– Grandpa

I’m going to guess that more of us have heard that statement than haven’t.

It’s a philosophy which is hard to argue with, but I’m going to give it a try.

And I’m going to try by writing over Memorial Day Weekend.  I’m guessing readership is extremely low.  If you’re reading this, why are you not doing anything over this long weekend?

Take a fence.  Using the philosophy above, we’d wait until the fence is no longer protecting anybody.  We’d wait until the fence is actually broken before getting out a hammer and nails.  The dog is running loose and the neighbor child simply walks into our backyard.  We’d just let the thing deteriorate before addressing the problem.  Chances are we could have done a little maintenance and the cost would be cheaper than a brand new fence.

How about roads or bridges?  How many potholes did you hit over the winter months?  Many people have talked about our “crumbling infrastructure” this election cycle.  Crumbling is not broken.  I’m guessing reinforcing a bridge would be cheaper than rebuilding one.  I’m guessing that an actual crumbled bridge would be more costly to everybody than fixing the crumbling one.  Better to fix issues before sending people on an unexpected swim in some polluted body of water.

I can create examples of non-broken things that could use a little fixin’ for a thousand words here.  Maybe that’s all I should do.

Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.
-Kurt Vonnegut

But I really have something I want to compare all of this to.  Yes, America’s political mess.

It ain’t completely broke yet.  I mean, we think it’s still functioning.  People have jobs and the roads still work and there is a building we can send our young children to that will teach them the basics of reading and arithmetic.  You get your mail six days a week.  Signs that the government is not broken are everywhere.

And I do believe that something great was built.  We just refuse to do any maintenance.  As if that whole housing market crash didn’t scare us into getting out the hammer and nails.  Somebody should have seen it coming.  I did.  I knew it couldn’t last.  I’m just some dumb fuck living in the lower middle class.

Our government was sold to us as a way to protect the people from getting screwed time and time again.  It didn’t always serve its purpose, so things had to be fixed.  I mean, we did treat several races and classes of people poorly in order to become the smashing success we’ve become.  Native Americans, slaves, laborers, on and on.  We had to try and right some wrongs.

We weren’t great at it and there’s still work to be done.

Here’s the point.  For 40 years or more, we have elected people into positions of political power because the system wasn’t broken.  Not completely.  But look how far we’ve come!

Pothole after pothole.

We can’t pretend that the housing market crash was the only pothole.  Two wars.  That stock market crash of ’87.  The economic bubble burst of 2001.  The exporting of jobs.  It’s happening all the time.

I see the individual threads on the cables which are supposed to be supporting the bridge.

People hail Reagan as a great President, but his entire political strategy was to give money to the wealthy.  He argued that there would be a trickle down effect.  That was over 30 years ago.  Every president since Reagan has supported this philosophy even if not loudly.  Definitely nobody changed it.

Wealthy people have always run this country.  We know this.  But the system is working worse than it ever has.

The system is crumbling so badly that we actually have 50% of the country arguing that 97% of the scientists are wrong.

The Koch Brothers don’t care about your children.  They just don’t.

Clinton and Trump don’t either.

Forty years ago, Donald Trump struck a deal that he would rebuild the Hyatt in New York in exchange for no taxes for forty years.

All we are is a society who worships the crazy and the wealthy in exchange for our souls (wages and status).

At some point, we need to fix something.  Neither Trump nor Clinton will pull out the hammer and nails.  Their successes are part of the problem.  They are two people who have succeeded on the backs of everyday citizens.

Yet here we are.  Again.  All the time.

When they say the system is broken, many people get upset.  It’s not broken.  As long as Ted Cruz stays away from the Dr. Seuss section of the library, the government tends to stay open.  We get services just like in the past.  Everything is operational.

But that philosophy has so many flaws.

This is more than identifying broken.  This is identifying places that need fixing before the cost is too high.  This is about maintenance.  This is about changing the oil in your car before the engine blows.  Because it’s going to blow and the whole engine is going to be useless to all of us real soon.

Or do we just dump another quart in the hole and wait for the explosion?

A Breath of Fresh Air

I have a new job.  It’s been some time coming.

The first challenge of managing any group of people for the first time is getting to know them.  Getting to know what they want out of a position.  What they want to accomplish.  Who are internal leaders.  Who I can count on.

One guy.  He is in his early 50’s and works the least physical job in the building.  He talks a good game.  Tells me what he wants.  He tells me how much he is willing to help the other part of the building.  Fact is he is always late and does anything possible to ensure his job does not get finished in time so he can help anybody else.

Accountability is high on my list of action items.

We have some former co-workers in common.  We’ve both been around that long.

He tells me the other day, “You know, you are a breath of fresh air.”

What else could I say?  I thanked him for his kind words.  I mean, the immediate assumption is that he likes my leadership style or what I bring to the building.  That he appreciates me compared to the last couple of bosses (this company has had some turnover lately).

Then he continues to talk.

“There was that Walter guy.  I asked him, ‘you’re not all white are you?'”

I squinted at him at this point.

“He told me no,” he continued.  “I knew it.  I’m the only white boy in this place!”

I’ll be honest.  At this point, the first thing that went through my head was, Trump 2016!!!

Feeling uncomfortable with where the conversation went, I ended it quickly.

Talk about a 180 in feelings about words that are said.  Going from feeling complimented to the understanding that I’m a “breath of fresh air” because I’m white.  And he doesn’t understand how ridiculous that sounded.

He works with a guy who is a little over half his age, is black and likes pumping music very loudly.  I did get this guy to limit the volume for all days but Saturdays.

This guy’s name is Rob and we had a discussion regarding music because there was one song (1) that I liked.  It was a little trip hoppish in style and vocalist was pretty good.  He gave me a name but that yielded nothing on google search so I think it’s bad information.

Rob told me he likes music with a message.  He likes rap that informs him.


And the older guy today, because it is a  Saturday, told me that Rob was trying to brainwash him.

I wanted to tell him that it was highly unlikely he could be brainwashed more than once.  I wanted to tell him that his opinions were already formed from people who had horrible opinions long ago.

I told him that I could talk to Rob and ask him to turn the radio down.  Or play something else.

I was told it was alright.  Some people simply like to complain.

But there’s a pattern.

I’m not a fresh of breath air.

I’m simply not.

I am, from a distance, what he thinks he prefers.

When one thinks about who, or what, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee appealed to, look toward this clown.  Look toward the hatred our society has for something that has no need being hated.  It’s merely appearance.

I am this guy’s boss.  I am Rob’s boss.

I am the boss of many people from different backgrounds and different races and different problems.  I am not interested in any kind of cleansing.

I am interested in getting the job done as efficiently as possible.

I am interested in looking good from a work standpoint.

From what I’ve learned, I am a breath of fresh air.  Really.  Because I deliver.

I am also a fresh of breath air.

I am not interested in what this guy’s issues are with anything at all.  As long as he does his job, I’ll be fine.

As long as everybody else is fine.

Bullying From Behind?

When I was young, I remember my dad driving down the freeway.  He justified speeding often, but only when following another car which was driving faster.  He really thought this was okay.  As a child, I kept my opinions (mostly) silent.

He told us (me and my brothers) that the police wouldn’t pull him over if a car was breaking the law more than him.  Basically.  Not quite, but close.

Basically the philosophy was that he could speed as long as somebody was going at least one mile faster than him and was in front of him.  A strange argument in my head.  But he definitely believed in his logic.

And he got pulled over one time.  I believe that he was speeding and there was a car speeding in front of him.  My dad asked the police officer why he didn’t pull over the car that was speeding in front of him.  The officer replied simply, “I can’t catch them all.”

This morning I was driving to work.  I take almost all back roads because I prefer it that way.  The difference between back roads and the freeway may be a few minutes, but I can’t imagine leaving myself in a position where I would gamble on a few minutes.

See, the downside to the freeways is that they may cost you a few minutes if all doesn’t go well.  Traffic is a horrible thing.

A pickup truck came speeding up behind me after the freeway on ramp.  His lights beaming into my rear view mirror.  The speed limit for this part of my drive is 25 mph.  That’s what it is.  I don’t care and have accepted it.  I’m not willing to risk a ticket and there are police who wait on this road.

It’s revenue!

I look in front of me and see that there is not a car on this road.  It’s too early on a Saturday.  Have you ever done the math on this type of thing?  Seconds.  Not minutes, generally.  Definitely not hours.  The time saved is so minimal.

And since I was driving at 4:30 am, I decided to pull over at my first opportunity.  I would let the one truck pass me and move on.  He’s obviously more important than I am.  This is something that I do when it makes sense.

The guy in the big pickup screams past me and then drives slower than I was driving.  I know because I took my place behind him.  We drove another two miles at a pace just below the speed limit.  Apparently this very aggressive driver was only aggressive when somebody else would be the fall guy.

I encounter this often.  It’s the society we live in.  It’s not different than my dad’s attitude about driving 30 years ago.

We push those before us to take the chances we won’t take so that we won’t get in trouble.

Bullying from behind.

Let’s face it, we all want change, but how many of us are willing to create the change we desire?  Not many.  We all just fall in line.

Now, if somebody else pushes forward, we are all so willing to push forward.  Be aggressive.  This is the actual definition of twitter people.  Seems we all need somebody to follow or else we are all so timid.  As if we are all driving a gas guzzling F350.  As if we all have construction to do.

My car gets great gas mileage.  I’m not interested in beaming my lights into others’ mirrors.

This pickup didn’t drive aggressive anymore.  We drove under the speed limit until he turned off the road.  He even tapped on his brakes as we passed a police officer on the side of the road.

I can understand how a driver of a car can feel more empowered when another is paving the way.  It’s like, fuck the police, we are getting where we are going.  But you really can’t take credit for it.

I can’t  understand when a driver of a car might wish to push the car in front of him to do what he is not willing to do himself.  Cowardly.  Honestly.

Let’s talk politics.

See, politicians like Trump and Clinton bully from behind. They determine the path by following others.

Some politicians are willing to do the work.  To pave the way.  And as soon as they do, some bully pushes as if that change is not enough.  Take credit for what others have done.

But enough about Trump and Clinton.  These cancerous lumps on our system.

America, you have created this bullying from behind mentality.  You really have.

What we need to do is recognize the actual people who have pushed forward.  Tried to enact change.  Stop pulling over and cowering to those who have no new ideas.  Nothing to add.  Just siphoning the gas from the cars in front.

Just beaming their lights into the rear view mirrors of those who are actually driving.

Society is an interesting thing.  Too many follow, but we act like we are leading when the risk seems low.  And that’s the real tragedy.

This isn’t a Nelson Mandela piece.  This isn’t about leading from behind.

This is an American observation.  Our politicians truly are bullying from behind.


Ted Cruz is a Piece of Shit

I’m not home.  I don’t have my DVR.  I can’t rewind.  I yelled at the small fuzzy television as he spoke tonight.

Ted Cruz- there is a reason you lost.  There is a reason you didn’t stand a chance.  Had Donald Trump not been running this year, I’m not sorry, Ted, but you wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Ted Cruz wouldn’t have made it further than Lindsey Graham.

Ted, you got caught up in a year of weird.

He just said, “The path has been foreclosed.”  To which I yelled at my fuzzy television, just like the millions of homes you foreclosed upon with your campaign and your work with Goldman Sachs and work with the campaign of George W. Bush.

Yes.  Ted Cruz should be tied to Goldman Sachs and the crash of 2008.

He just talked about some little kids who handed him change in an envelope from a lemonade stand begging him to continue his campaign.  He told the world during his concession speech that is what his campaign was built upon.

I’m not sure what annoyed me more at the end of the speech.  Brian Williams’ voice or the country music that played as Cruz walked off the stage.  It was the country music, of course, but Brian Williams is annoying in his own right.  I can only assume that Brian Williams has pictures of Comcast executives fucking horses at this point because he is a horrible reporter.

Oh, wait, there’s Rachel Maddow.  Shoot.  I don’t have my DVR so I can’t rewind and the sound is down because country music makes me angry.  I’m positive she’s talking about how awesome Hillary Clinton is right now.  I’m positive.

Hold on.  I need to find a baseball game to watch….

Anything really.  Why am I watching MSNBC?

Ah, a local news story about a kid who exposed himself during the team football photo.  The story literally includes another football kid saying that if you look at the photo you barely see anything.  The story also says that the kid is subject to 69 (!) counts of indecent exposure.  Jimmy Kimmel should love this story.


Cruz started his speech by saying that the Constitution didn’t come from dictators or the President, it came from God almighty.  Hey, motherfucker, the Constitution was based upon some very liberal people who were trying to break away from tyranny.  It came from some people who were trying to separate from the rich and get taxation with representation.

Dear Ted Cruz, you and Fiorina can say whatever you want, but your god does not belong in politics.  Nobody is staring down from above wishing you to lead this country.

In fact, you are a miserable piece of shit.

I don’t use those words lightly.  I’m not sorry if you are offended, but I just used my First Amendment rights.  They weren’t given to me by your god of faith and suffering.  The First Amendment wasn’t all like, hey, go ahead and say what you want as long as you know Ted Cruz should be President and that all Presidents should be anointed by some god.

The fact is that the very literature, which should be understood by a Constitutional attorney like Ted Cruz, is that we can practice any religion and speak any way we deem fit.  The First Amendment actually offers us protection from those acting as if their religion is the law of the land.

Full disclosure.  I know this isn’t the way it’s practiced.  The First Amendment offers protections to the wealthy these days.  Ted Cruz is wealthy.  He gets extra special personal rights granted to him by the Supreme Court.  I’m guessing, as a matter of fact, that he may have laid the groundwork for these special privileges.

Yes, rich people like Ted Cruz get bigger First Amendment rights because he is wealthy and each one of his dollars is now a part of speech.

Cruz should not pretend that his god wanted him to be President.  Apparently their god spoke to his wife Heidi saying her husband was chosen by their deity.  They should not even talk about kids and a lemonade stand.  The only person who should be talking about lemonade is Beyonce right now.

Cruz has raised $140 million between his campaign and Super PACs.  He is not running on lemonade money.  He is not even running on campaign donations averaging $27 per person.  Ted Cruz has received many million dollar donations.

Ted Cruz is hated.  He is a piece of shit.  He shut down the government and thought that somehow that would never catch up to him.

Ted Cruz has no morals.  He believes that by preaching the word of his religion, he can turn his back on the poor and screw over hard working citizens in order to make a point.  Because Ted Cruz is loves Dr. Seuss more than government employees.

Heidi Cruz works in a high power position for Goldman Sachs.  I can’t wait for her to release the very boring speech transcripts from Hillary Clinton.  And worth every penny I’m sure.

I read yesterday that Chelsea Clinton makes $65,000 per speech.

I think I can make a fairly good speech.  I know I cannot save you tax dollars.  I know I would never pass legislation helping very wealthy companies.  I am very sure I would stop the next recession even if I saw my contributors making it happen.  Even if I had just given them a speech.

Ted Cruz is a piece of shit.

But way before I saw him end his campaign today, I watched as a right wing pundit on MSNBC suggested that Hillary Clinton should pander to Republicans because Trump will run to the left of her on foreign affairs.

This pundit suggested that Hillary Clinton was the most like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney as a hawk.  Mother fucking yes!!!

Chris Matthews, in a strange turn of talking points and screaming about socialism, asked if those words didn’t just prove Bernie supporters right.

I watched Bill Maher today.  The theory from the Cruz supporting blonde woman (and doesn’t Maher always have a conservative blonde woman?) was that people who don’t have a college education are mad that they are having such a tough time in America.  Yes, bitch, the problem is that stupid people feel entitled.

People should be able to work and as long as they do the job well, be able to afford a life in the United States.  We are the land of the free.

And that includes freedom from religion.

Nobody’s deity has a say in politics and legislation.  Not sorry.

One cannot claim small donations as the reason to run when millions of dollars of donations, especially from oil companies, have rolled in.  Especially when you are a climate denier.  Especially when your dad worked in oil.

You don’t get to talk about lying when you are a lying piece of shit.

You don’t get to talk about immigration when you’ve repeatedly legislated against it (because both of Ted Cruz’s parents are immigrants).

Let me just finish this.

Ted Cruz is a piece of shit.


Good riddance.

Two liars to go.

Vote Green.

Democracies Should Not Resort to Lesser of Two Evils Argument

I’ll start this off the way I do so many of my posts.  With a definition.

Democracy: Government by the people.


Let me back up.

If my wife were to walk into the kitchen and ask me what I want for dinner and my only options are spaghetti or linguini, I’d be pretty fucking pissed.  Because I know for a fact there are tortillas in there.  I know there are at least three different types of meat.  I know there is bread and I could create a sandwich if I needed to.  But she’s standing in the kitchen with two cupboards open and the fridge door ajar telling me my only choices are spaghetti and linguini.

I realize that I would have a preference because linguini would likely have a white sauce and spaghetti sauce is tomato based.  I realize that the meat options are there still, but it’s going to still be a choice of pastas.

I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti sauce.  Unless I slow cook it myself adding my own level of flavor and spice.

I’d probably opt for linguini.  Neither may sound good that day.  Especially if my options have been similar recently.  Maybe we had fettuccine recently.  Maybe I made manicotti recently.

It’s all pasta.

And she gave me a choice.

I got to determine which sauce or meat may go good with the pasta I am having this time.  A slight variety.Think of Donald Trump as the orange sauce spaghetti.  Think of Hillary Clinton as the white sauced linguini.I feel like that’s what we’re up against when we are told to choose the lesser of two evils.  When we are forced to choose between two options that we don’t really want, but that’s all we are offered.  And somebody I really trust has told me that’s the only two options I have, because the media keeps telling me.  Every single day.  The cupboards are open and the fucking fridge light is on.  We are wasting energy and time, the media yells.  Fine, goddamn fettuccine.  Happy?  That wasn’t an option.  And I know I just went to the damn store.  I was just there.  Democracy would be giving people all the choices.  Admitting that we have been to the store recently and there are many choices.  That would be democracy.  Admitting that people can have more.  Telling them that the whole store is up for their liking.If a person chooses Spam and ramen, that’s on them.  They have to know that not many other people are picking that off the menu, but at least that person got to choose and exercised true freedom.Democracy would also allowing everybody in the house to determine what should be made for dinner after being educated on all the choices.  Education because that’s what Thomas Jefferson preached as the way to have a successful democracy.Full disclosure, I honestly don’t believe in democracy when it comes to dinner.  It’s tricky.  I mean, what if everybody chooses something different?  Are we really going to campaign?  My oldest would likely give in.  Mind would easily be changed as long as there is food in the end. There are people like that in the world.  There are people who can be easily influenced.  There are people who are very stubborn and set.  I want to say to some of those people that they should just go buy a can of Chef Boyardee and sit in the corner by yourself.  Don’t even need to heat Spaghettios up.  I had friends who lived on that when I was a child.Unfortunately, America has a democracy which is more like making dinner for a large family than a true democracy.  Somebody is in charge.  Somebody may talk it over with one or two people.  That small group of power will determine which is good for the rest of the family.  The kids may complain when they get to the table, but they will always consume it because they are dependent upon the others’ and their choices.What’s for dinner always depends on who is funding dinner.What often happens is that when the kids of that family get out on their own, they think they need to be eating pasta, but get excited when the taco truck rolls by.  And all the pasta eating mother fuckers are going to say, oh, now you want tacos?  Well I hope you enjoy the heartbern (misspelled on purpose) you’re about to get.

If we want to break it down, our country needs to stop preaching democracy to other countries until we actually practice democracy ourselves.  Mom and Dad don’t get to choose for us forever.  We recognize other options.  We determine that there other philosophies and ideologies.

This isn’t a right vs. wrong thing.  This is what will work today in our environment.

My wife’s mother used to put elk meat in the spaghetti when she made it.  I may have said spaghetti sounded good, but I never asked for elk meat.  Ever.  She didn’t tell us that’s what she was doing.  She always assumed what we didn’t know wouldn’t hurt us.  But we could always tell.  I never asked for Citizen’s United or lobbyists or PACs.  I asked for none of that.  Like the elk meat, we can always tell the poor taste after it is served.

And once the elk meat started getting put into my spaghetti is when I stopped wanting spaghetti.  Orange face sauce or not.

Like in a large family, half the kids refuse to even acknowledge that they have a choice in dinner.  This is huge.  They give up their right to suggest an option for dinner.  They accept the status quo.

I believe that in the United States, if we want to become a true democracy, we register every single person who turns 18.  Birthday and registration on the same day.  Go vote.  Take part.

We need to stop creating voter ID laws.  We need to allow all American citizens to vote.  I don’t care if somebody committed a crime.  That person served their time and is a free person.  Let them vote.

We need to allow equal access to all candidates.  Let the dinner options be known.  Call it the American Political Menu.  Stop pushing the chef’s special pasta.

We need to get money out of politics.  No more elk meat.  No more junk.  We choose our dinner and get exactly what we paid for.

Guacamole (green party) is extra, but we have the right to demand it anyway.  With the understanding that it may cost extra.  We understand this.  We are not demanding free stuff, but we are demanding good use of the guacamole that you are already making.

Maybe you want only tea for dinner because you are just so sick and tired of depending on Mom and Dad and want to show the world you know how to feed yourself through Dr. Seuss books.  Choose that.  It should be on the menu.  Have your fucking tea, but don’t whine when you’re not full.

I guarantee you that those people choosing tea have a stash of empanadas or tamales stashed in Panama.  Guaranteed.

Napkins and good silverware may cost extra too, but we should all have access to it.

These are the choices a true democracy makes.

Or we can continue to pay into a utensil fund only to find out that Mom and Dad have been spending it on good silverware for themselves so they can more easily eat their seafood pasta while we stab at the elk spaghetti with our plastic forks and disposable napkins.

Because that is what America is currently offering.