Comcast (Still) Sucks and They (Still) Don’t Care

Years ago I wrote one of these here posts regarding one of my least favorite corporations- Comcast.  I had a poor experience with them, and to say I had a poor experience would mean that it went beyond the normal poor experiences that i generally have with Comcast.

I’m guessing that new hire orientation at Comcast includes a whole role play on how to be most rude and condescending toward customers.  I mean, what are the customers going to do?  Go to the non-existent competition thanks to years of deregulation?

I hate Comcast.

I hate they have a virtual monopoly.

Move into  a new house in the area that I live and see if it doesn’t come preplumbed for Comcast.  Cable and Internet.  By the way, nobody wants to bundle with an internet house phone.  Nobody.  Just stop.

Chances are that I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.  They have little competition so they care little about anything but separating as much money from your bank account as possible.

So why am I writing this post?

It started in my head a few weeks ago as I watched MSNBC and their horrible coverage of politics.  It started as I watched, unfolding on the screen in front of me, that MSNBC is actually every bit as bad as FOX at manipulating the news to push an agenda.

But what made me write today was seeing the promoted #ComcastCares today.  Turns out it is the fifteenth anniversary of Comcast Cares.  I guess they make their employees do nice things for people.  I guess they are trying to solve their image problems.

I found it as a sign from some deity that I’ll never believe in that I’m supposed to write about how Comcast absolutely does not care about how much they suck.

Last summer David Cohen, who is an important guy at Comcast, held a $2700 a plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.  Turns out that $2700 is the most a person can donate directly to a candidate.  There’s ways around it.  What I find deplorable about this is that our news should not openly support a candidate.  I get the op-ed department endorsing a candidate.  I understand that.

I understand that now that corporations are people and money is their form of speech, they are allowed to openly support a candidate.

Time Warner is one of Clinton’s top contributors over the years.

Time Warner and Comcast attempted to merge.

They are two of the top cable providers in this great nation.

They are also the owners of two of the 24 hour cable news networks (CNN and MSNBC).  I have read reports that both of these “news” networks have issued instructions to their on air talent that they will build Hillary Clinton up and cover Trump as a ratings boost.

But that may all be gossip.  I mean, I read it somewhere.  So let me use what I have witnessed.  Trump brings ratings and both networks push Clinton as the “electable” candidate while dismissing Sanders as fringe and socialist.  I’ve witnessed it on a regular basis.

I stop witnessing it by turning the fucking television off.

Tomorrow I completely plan to write about what I’ve witnessed as the state of our democracy seems to be crumbling at a noticeable rate.  I mean, we are the country running around the world forcing democracy upon third world nations, but we are a horrible failure as an example of a democracy.

What I want on a daily basis from Comcast and Time Warner and FOX is news.  I don’t want the corporate views and agenda pushed into my living room regularly.  I don’t want think it’s appropriate, as a news organization, to show Trump’s empty podium in the small screen while Clinton is talking in the big screen as we all know that Sanders is currently talking and nobody is seeing it.

Here is the bottom line.

Comcast and Time Warner and Disney and Newscorp all are able to have the corporate model they have right now thanks to years of deregulation starting with Reagan and continuing today.  George W. Bush probably set the record for privatizing and deregulating.  Bill Clinton stood in the way of none of it.  In fact, Clinton deregulated quite a bit himself- including our nation through NAFTA.

Let’s face it.  If you were a cable company and you could have several networks broadcast through your cable network and then you also delivered internet, I mean, that’s huge.  And it couldn’t have existed before Bill Clinton was president.

There is a very valid reason that these people are raising money for a specific candidate.  There is a very good reason that these corporations are using their recently defined freedom of speech through credit cards and fundraisers the way they do.  They will gain.  They will have greater ability to separate more money from each and every one of us.

Just in case you were thinking that your $75 high speed internet isn’t high enough.

Just in case you thought that you want fewer choices for your reality television.

Just in case.

So today is the fifteenth Comcast Cares day.  It’s trending on twitter.  Well, it’s trending because it’s promoted.

Comcast doesn’t care.  Not about you or me.

Comcast cares about helping candidates who will help them.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait for the General Election this fall as our corrupt media barters air time and fundraisers in exchange for softer regulations in the future.

What a country.


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