Threatened in the Restroom

There is such a disconnect in this world.  Especially for a world that is so connected.

Two stories.  And, I guess, this is an easy one.  This is almost too easy to write.  Honestly.

I just read the story of the girl who was literally beaten to death in Delaware.  Her name was Amy.  I’m guessing there is quite a bit still left to unfold regarding this story, but anything that may come out of it will not ever justify the death of a 16 year old.

All the official stories are very vague.  Read social media and we see that it was allegedly over a boy.  Two girls beat Amy in a bathroom while others pulled out their phones to forever save the image of a death of a girl with video.  The punishing blow was when she hit her head on the sink.

This all happened around 8:15 am EDT.

I turned the television on not much after that when I watched Ted Cruz say, “there are some bad people in the world and we shouldn’t be facilitating putting little girls alone in a bathroom with grown, adult men. That is just a bad, bad, bad idea.”

He was in Maryland.

He was making fun of Donald Trump for saying he would let Caitlyn Jenner use any bathroom she wanted in the Trump Towers.

I will repeat the liberal talking point.  I have yet to hear a story of a transgender person raping or inflicting physical pain on a person in a restroom.  Ever.  It’s absurd to believe that Cruz thinks people actually switch (or pretend to switch) genders only to gain access to public restrooms.

As a father of a transgender person, I can say that my concern is actually about the Ted Cruz type people in the world.  Those people with very little understanding and compassion for how the human though process works.  People react in very unfortunate ways when presented with something they cannot comprehend.  It’s sad.  And inhumane.

I honestly do not think Ted Cruz is human.  Definitely not compassionate.

I have read too many stories about people who have no compassion.  Stories of people who cannot let be and beat the people they cannot identify with.  Literally inflicting pain upon others when their emotions are challenged.  The real fear I have is the intolerant.  Those are the sick people.  Those are the people with the problem.

Nobody should fear anybody who is changing to a woman being in a public restroom with Ted Cruz’s daughters.  Besides, my wife and I didn’t let my young daughters into a public restroom by themselves at any point until they begged my wife to let them go.  And then my wife waited outside the door anxiously.  Waiting.  Trying to act cool.

The fear I have would be with other people.

We have a long list of stories regarding people getting treated poorly and beaten or killed because somebody didn’t understand.  Somebody couldn’t fathom what was going on.

I was a kid when I heard the story of a young gay man being dragged along the dirt road with a pickup truck by some intolerant Texans.

I recently read a story of a mob of people chasing and beating a transgender woman.  In public.  While people filmed.

The stories never stopped.  I’m always horrified and terrified with what the average human is capable of doing when confronted with information that does not fit with their “norm.”

I realize there are many people in this world with active imaginations.  I realize.  What’s shameful is when people make up events that have never happened in order to support laws like North Carolina’s awful HB-2.  There is no defense for intolerance.  Never has been.  North Carolina should lose business and should be the laughing stock.

Our giant human brains are capable of just about anything.

The only point I want to make to Ted Cruz and the rest of his intolerant followers is that the only bathroom beating today happened by mean girls.  They fought over a boy.  Real girl on girl violence.  And in this sick, sick world, other girls thought it would be okay to save the violence forever rather than defend the victim.

It’s a sad story that happened in Delaware.  It’s also a sad story which is unfolding throughout the intolerant South.  What I would like to see people do is live within the Venn Diagram circle representing the truth.

No matter how we slice it, Amy was beaten to death in Delaware while others watched.

I just searched “transgender crime” and all I saw was story after story of crimes against transgender people.

I think I know who should really feel threatened.


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