Puppies, Love, and Atheism


I just wrote 500 words and scrapped it.

All based on this guy.


He is nearly four months old and has been so much fun to have in the house.  This little puppy is the definition of joy.

I scrapped the original 500 words because I decided to get to the point faster.

This puppy has been reinforcement of my atheism.  I encourage you to hear me out before you dismiss what I’m trying to say.

My first observations with this very young puppy when we got him a couple of months ago was that his instincts were solid.  Humans must be made to understand certain things that dogs understand fundamentally.  I watched this puppy sniff right past every rock in the yard.  He wasn’t going to try and eat one.  Show me a human baby that won’t try that.  We were always batting bad things out of their hands.

My oldest believes she is some kind of psychology expert and dismissed my observation as uninteresting.  It’s just instincts she told me.  Understood, but humans, in spite of their giant brains, have worse instincts than practically any animal ever.  We are worthless and weak at first needing complete protection and support.  Not that a puppy doesn’t need help, but he wasn’t eating rocks.  He has yet to swallow anything which may kill him.

Besides, observations should be the only thing we base our opinions on.  Not what others say.  Not what we read.  Those are only starting points.

If the neighbor dog barked, my little puppy bolted for the door.  He wanted inside and out of danger.  There would be no risky behavior.  The fence between him and the other dog didn’t matter.  Yet he’s been around other dogs which he completely engaged.  He knows.

So my point is that we engage in risky behavior and have poor instincts, yet we seek answers for this.  We want to believe in something more powerful than anybody, and if our parents and neighborhood leaders are willing to spin us a yarn about this omniscient being, we’ll buy it.  We’ll follow it anywhere.

Get ’em while they are young.

Fortunately for this puppy we are benevolent owners.  We treat him well.

Don’t let those sad eyes fool you.  He’s a happy dog that greets me every morning with so much love.  He honestly believes that the two-legged creatures which roam the house are what drives him.  Well, at least me and my wife.  He waits for me at the door as I get ready.  He greets me with happiness and starts each and every day right.

He doesn’t know any better.  He lives for us and follows us.  We are his religion.  We are his god.

I’ve seen some people who treat dogs very poorly.  There’s no excuse.  Like with humans, people should not get a dog if they do not know how or are not willing to treat them well.

Consider them Old Testament owners.

Dogs require our attention to validate them.  To keep them going and give them direction.  Why else would they roll over?  Why else would they sit?

Our egos are fed by a dogs unconditional love and willingness to follow us anywhere.

I talk to this puppy all the time.  I’m not going to tell him the truth, though.

Why would I?

Let’s face it, there is no good in that truth.  He should think that I’m some kind of god even though I have no inclinations toward being one.  No desire.  I just like the attention.  The unconditional love.

He’s my buddy.

He, like so many earthlings, really doesn’t know any better.  He doesn’t realize that he’s just young.

What I do believe is that I should be able to look forward to years of this.

The difference between what the puppy and the religious experience is that I really exist.

My puppy can count on that.

For now.



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