Sexuality Politics

I had plans to write about other things today.  Been working on something in my head.

But plans change.

I came across the following video by The Young Turks discussing how a Christian author named Mack Major wrote an entire book discussing the evils of female masturbation.  Sex Demons!  If I were a porn producer, I would totally take on that challenge.

I’m guessing Mack Major has never satisfied a woman in his life.

And despite these three in the video having tons of fun at Mack Major’s book, Ana Kasparian has a good point.  There is way too much shaming going on.  Mostly (nearly completely) toward women.

I thought about writing about this today, but delayed.  Didn’t feel it was enough to really get into.  Even with the crazies in the deep south trying to pass laws which discriminate against homosexual and transgender people behind the guise of religious liberty.  Oh, also discriminate against anybody for any reason any time.  Awesome.

So why am I writing?

Because I stumbled across this article about my favorite piece of shit- Ted Cruz.

That time he tried to outlaw dildos.

That inspired me.

Many people use the term “dildo” as an insult toward another.  I’m afraid calling Ted Cruz a “dildo” would be inappropriate as I’m guessing he’s never provided sexual pleasure.  I don’t know.  It’s only an educated guess.  That kind of repression is not usually conducive to happiness.

His peddles his religion to the point that he acts as if he needs to force his religious beliefs upon other people.  Basically, he seems to live in a world where sex is only for creating offspring.

Poor Heidi.

So here’s my thing.  And I’ve believed this as long as I thought about such things.

Politicians should stay out of the bedroom.


Well, as long as the people engaging in the sexual acts are consenting and adult human beings.  That’s where the laws should stop.

Twenty years ago I was fascinated with the sodomy laws which were on record in so many states.  These were real things and they never should have been.  I’m not looking up all the information which I found to write blog posts of years past.

I do remember trying to convince my wife to break the law in Utah once.

This one will be short.  People should be able to express themselves however they want as long as nobody is hurt.  What conservative assholes like Ted Cruz and Mack Major struggle with is accepting that not everybody has the same religion as them and they shouldn’t be upset that others are enjoying themselves way more than they are.

Misery loves company.  I realize this.

Most sodomy laws have gone.

LGBT rights have improved by leaps and bounds over the years, yet we still find the bigots come out of the closet to restrict the rights of others.

Here’s the thing:  Just because others have gay sex does not mean you have to.  Never has.

Here’s another thing:  More Republicans have been arrested for misbehaving in public restrooms than transgender people.

But there are still people who think they can hold others back from expressing themselves.  Their weapon is guilt.

I believe that everybody should send pictures of their dildos to Ted Cruz.  Think about it, if Ted Cruz were to actually become president of the United States, how restrictive would he try to be?  He couldn’t get his way in Texas, but getting more power can’t be good.  He should understand that he’s in the minority.  And not just 49%.  He should understand that his regressive attitudes are not acceptable.

Besides, Heidi Cruz is likely taking care of herself while her husband is out serving coffee to locals he is trying to con.  The dildo and/or vibrator could be hidden in a safe behind that one painting of Jesus.  She just has to clear her browser search history of “how a guy pleases a woman” before her husband gets home.

His twitter is @tedcruz.


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