Democracy Spring and the CMI Coverage

Do a quick search for Democracy Spring.

Now, click on the CNN article regarding it.  MSNBC?  Fox?

Yeah, it’s not there.

As I write this, there are a thousand people sitting on the steps of Congress.  They are sitting there just like “a bill” in the old Schoolhouse Rocks cartoon, but “a bill” didn’t get arrested and nobody quite knew what he represented.

Let’s go ahead and label this story as part of the Corporately Modified Information (CMI) series right now, because the corporate media is not interested.  It’s not news.

But we have a thousand people risking arrest today and over 3,000 people have pledged.  They marched from Philadelphia to Washington DC over the past week for a reason.

Get money out of politics.

I understand why they don’t want to cover this.  Why the news with all of its CMI has decided this is not newsworthy.  I get it.  But it is.  It is the definition of news.  See, if people find out about this, they might join in.  They might become part of the process.  They might actually care.

I flipped through the three major news channels after seeing pictures like the one below with police surrounding the sit-in and not allowing the independent media in.

MSNBC had Joy Reid sitting down with some voters in Syracuse, New York at a diner.

Fox was showing some female attorneys discussing how some women who said there were hate crimes against them were really the aggressors and there is no evidence of any crimes.  In fact, they said, these women are in some really big trouble.  Hard hitting.

CNN was running the very important story about how Ivanka and Eric Trump did not register to vote in time.

I can’t believe that nobody was discussing the Wyoming caucus that happened over the weekend.

Any of them.  Somebody.

So I’m looking at The Young Turks, RT, Democracy Now, Town Hall, Raw Story, The Hill, and on and on.  They are all covering this with live pictures and video.  They are showing the people sitting on the steps wishing they were just “a bill” that was not being ignored.

And then MSNBC shows results from a poll they are running right now.  Do you think that our delegate system is rigged?

There were 85% of the people who voted, at the time I was watching, who said it is.  That means 85% of the people who voted would be interested in Democracy Spring.

Remember when Occupy CNN happened?

Again, The Young Turks, Alternet, and Progressive Army is all that comes up.  Oh, and some blogs.

All these people were standing outside of CNN’s studios in Los Angeles protesting.  Nobody cared.  I understand that they were generally Bernie Sanders supporters and they were protesting how the media did not cover his wins.  I understand that there was a bias to the protests, but the media is supposed to reporting news.

As a contrast, if ten people show up to protest a Trump rally, it gets covered.  I know that there can be violence and the sensationalism of it all is pretty high.  And people just love hearing Trump say, “Get ’em outta here!”  But the media should be reporting news and only news.

I flipped through the channels again.

MSNBC was covering New York voters again.  First polls to be released in the next day of New York voters.

I couldn’t tell what Fox was talking about.

Breaking news on CNN.  They will be hosting town halls with all the Republican candidates’ families over the coming days.  Their families too?  This is really some hard hitting shit.  I can see Ted and Heidi Cruz telling their kids to act like they love their daddy when the cameras are on.

For the love of god say something cute, would you?  Help people like me!

Now I’m not saying that this is the biggest media story of the day.  I mean, Ivanka and Eric didn’t understand the rules regarding registering as a Republican in New York.  Come on, they are only in their 30’s, why would anybody that young have registered before now?

I’m reading a bus full of people have already been arrested.

I’m reading that this may go on all week.

37K Tweets As Of Right Now.

They say it’s a record for most arrests at the Capitol.

I still want there to be a day when these news companies must start their programs by saying…

We are required by law to disclose that the following program contains Corporately Modified Information- also known as CMI.  Continue watching skeptically.

It was once said that the revolution will be televised.  Corporations will stop at nothing to prove that statement incorrect.


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