Because… Opening Day

Only two things can get me close to a religious experience.

One of which is somewhat forced.



Something about the hope of baseball season.  The equinox.  Spring and greater weather and the loss of the cold, cold winters.  Something about all of that hope resonates with me so clearly.

Baseball reminds me of being a child and getting excited.  It takes me back to my youth and how simple life was.  People go out and throw the ball and play the game full of statistical analysis and statcast and anything else.  I love the numbers.  The aura.  The feel and tone of the game.

Right handed splits and ground ball percentages and home and away and turf and day stats and on and on.

So today was something special.  My team didn’t play yet.  Not until the tomorrow.  All my teams play tomorrow.  There are 162 games in a season.  Nineteen against each division rival.

It’s a long, long season and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Baseball is dying as the sport of America.  There’s not enough war.  Not enough violence.  Not enough bitterness.  America’s pastime: Not violent enough.  Not like football.  Not enough concussions and bombs, blitzes, and earth shattering hits.

Anyway, I went to the store.  Stuffed manicotti and tossed some shrimp and mushroom in a sauce.

I sat down to enjoy the hope that the season brings.

dinnerMy little buddy popped his head up.  He is 14 weeks now.  He wanted some shrimp.  He got nothing.

He has this incredible skill of looking away from the camera as I try to take his picture.

I may never get a good one again.

Regardless, I have leftovers for tomorrow.  Whole goal of making dinner sometimes.

I have opening day.

I have a Sonos speaker next to my chair.

With all the Occupy CNN stuff that is going on.

With Clinton accusing Sanders of lying and all saying the kids are stupid for falling for it.

With all the misogyny on the GOP side of things.

With all of it.

I needed to post something light.

I need a few light days.

Fuck CNN, MSNBC, and FOXOpinion.  Forget it.  It can all wait.  They all try, but none of them will get me to change my mind anyway.  None of them will ever report on the corruption.

Caps on.

Opening Day should be a holiday.  Job or no job.


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