Atheist PAC?

I like to start these types of posts by saying I am an atheist.  I cannot believe in anything I do not and cannot prove.  I got myself ordained through an atheist organization years ago and have performed weddings.  I have been following atheist organizations for many years.

I have no need to say much more than that regarding my personal decisions.


It was a big deal a few weeks ago when all the presidential candidates went to speak at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).  Ted Cruz made sure to say, “God bless AIPAC.”

But not long before that was CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  Ted Cruz said, “God bless CPAC.”

If you watch Full Frontal by Samantha Bee, then you may have seen when David Silverman went CPAC to try and get conservatives to understand atheism.  Now I already knew who David Silverman was as I had been reading his book Fighting God.

If you didn’t see it, I have linked the video at the bottom of this post.

I had to do a search.

Apparently there is an atheist PAC.  It exists and has for a few years.  So why doesn’t Ted Cruz go to a convention and say, “God bless Atheists!”?  Why is there not large meeting of atheists organized and ready to judge each and every one of these candidates on whether or not they would make a good president?

It’s simple, right?

Atheists should be able to endorse candidates who believe in a separation of church and state.

Atheists should gather and denounce actions such as HB-2 or the so called Religious Freedom Bill from the southern states.

Atheists should get a say in how politicians push their message.

I did a quick search.

There are approximately 6 million Jewish people in the United States.  This is roughly 2.0% of the American population.  AIPAC was a big deal.

I understand that we have strong ties with Israel.  I understand that war means more than just about anything else in the world.  Well, in America.  We take pride in being the biggest and baddest.

But America holds around 40% of all Jews in the world.  Many of the rest are in Israel.

Now, atheists.  Around 3.0% of all Americans are now atheists.  Add to that the 5.0% of Americans who are agnostic.  This means there are four times as many people in America who don’t believe in any gods as there are Jews.

And the number of unaffiliated is growing.

So the question I’ve asked myself nearly my entire adulthood is why can’t atheists organize?

I want to be pandered to.  Why not?  I want people to come tell me and people like me that they will get the words, “In God We Trust” off our currency because that was only put there by people scared of the Cold War.

I want somebody to tell me that they will be the first president in a long, long time not to include, “So help me God” after being sworn in.  It’s not part of the process.

I want a candidate to tell me that they actually believe in the Constitution and not a loose interpretation of the Constitution that fits with their Biblical beliefs.

I want a candidate to tell me that he or she does not feel that praying has to be part of the daily routine.  Tell me that religion is a personal choice and has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not a person is a good person.

I want a candidate who understands the First Amendment says freedom of religion and that also includes freedom from religion.

In fact, let’s go a little further.  It was recently reported that Senator McConnell of the Turtle species will not hold a hearing on any Supreme Court justice who is nominated for the ninth spot until the NRA approves that candidate.

How do I get that kind of power?

Let’s face it.  Every single time a progressive tries to enact a law which requires a background check or some kind of sane laws to prevent people from easily obtaining guns, we get this argument that their Second Amendment rights are being infringed upon.

You know, somehow America is trying to take away their guns.

To get that many people spouting the rhetoric of, basically, a PAC and dismiss reason is powerful stuff.

I actually want people to dismiss rhetoric and argue for reason.

So every single time people try to pass things like Religious Freedom Laws so they can not sell cakes for a gay marriage or terminate somebody if that person’s affiliation goes against their book, they are really trying to infringe upon our First Amendment rights.

If we had good organization, instead of telling the world that government groups are trying to take away our guns, we could say, you’re trying to take away our ability to think freely.  Honestly, this would be a greater crime.  Far greater.

So a little search tells me there is an atheist PAC, but I’m not sure it has any influence.  I feel that it merely tried to.  But that’s the difference.  Religions are completely based on their ability to organize.  To recruit others.  How many missionaries have visited your house in the last year?  They go into their sales pitch as if they have a Kirby vacuum in their car.  Or maybe some Girls Scout Cookies.

I don’t feel the need to convince others.  I’m not out recruiting or trying to get people to believe the way I do.  But I do believe that we are an overlooked faction of the voting population.  That we are marginalized by every single media outlet.  That not one candidate would take the time to get my vote.  Not one.

And all I really want is to hear Ted Cruz say it.

God bless atheists.

We would all be rolling on the floor laughing.

Get the word out with a shirt?


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