Comcast (Still) Sucks and They (Still) Don’t Care

Years ago I wrote one of these here posts regarding one of my least favorite corporations- Comcast.  I had a poor experience with them, and to say I had a poor experience would mean that it went beyond the normal poor experiences that i generally have with Comcast.

I’m guessing that new hire orientation at Comcast includes a whole role play on how to be most rude and condescending toward customers.  I mean, what are the customers going to do?  Go to the non-existent competition thanks to years of deregulation?

I hate Comcast.

I hate they have a virtual monopoly.

Move into  a new house in the area that I live and see if it doesn’t come preplumbed for Comcast.  Cable and Internet.  By the way, nobody wants to bundle with an internet house phone.  Nobody.  Just stop.

Chances are that I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.  They have little competition so they care little about anything but separating as much money from your bank account as possible.

So why am I writing this post?

It started in my head a few weeks ago as I watched MSNBC and their horrible coverage of politics.  It started as I watched, unfolding on the screen in front of me, that MSNBC is actually every bit as bad as FOX at manipulating the news to push an agenda.

But what made me write today was seeing the promoted #ComcastCares today.  Turns out it is the fifteenth anniversary of Comcast Cares.  I guess they make their employees do nice things for people.  I guess they are trying to solve their image problems.

I found it as a sign from some deity that I’ll never believe in that I’m supposed to write about how Comcast absolutely does not care about how much they suck.

Last summer David Cohen, who is an important guy at Comcast, held a $2700 a plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.  Turns out that $2700 is the most a person can donate directly to a candidate.  There’s ways around it.  What I find deplorable about this is that our news should not openly support a candidate.  I get the op-ed department endorsing a candidate.  I understand that.

I understand that now that corporations are people and money is their form of speech, they are allowed to openly support a candidate.

Time Warner is one of Clinton’s top contributors over the years.

Time Warner and Comcast attempted to merge.

They are two of the top cable providers in this great nation.

They are also the owners of two of the 24 hour cable news networks (CNN and MSNBC).  I have read reports that both of these “news” networks have issued instructions to their on air talent that they will build Hillary Clinton up and cover Trump as a ratings boost.

But that may all be gossip.  I mean, I read it somewhere.  So let me use what I have witnessed.  Trump brings ratings and both networks push Clinton as the “electable” candidate while dismissing Sanders as fringe and socialist.  I’ve witnessed it on a regular basis.

I stop witnessing it by turning the fucking television off.

Tomorrow I completely plan to write about what I’ve witnessed as the state of our democracy seems to be crumbling at a noticeable rate.  I mean, we are the country running around the world forcing democracy upon third world nations, but we are a horrible failure as an example of a democracy.

What I want on a daily basis from Comcast and Time Warner and FOX is news.  I don’t want the corporate views and agenda pushed into my living room regularly.  I don’t want think it’s appropriate, as a news organization, to show Trump’s empty podium in the small screen while Clinton is talking in the big screen as we all know that Sanders is currently talking and nobody is seeing it.

Here is the bottom line.

Comcast and Time Warner and Disney and Newscorp all are able to have the corporate model they have right now thanks to years of deregulation starting with Reagan and continuing today.  George W. Bush probably set the record for privatizing and deregulating.  Bill Clinton stood in the way of none of it.  In fact, Clinton deregulated quite a bit himself- including our nation through NAFTA.

Let’s face it.  If you were a cable company and you could have several networks broadcast through your cable network and then you also delivered internet, I mean, that’s huge.  And it couldn’t have existed before Bill Clinton was president.

There is a very valid reason that these people are raising money for a specific candidate.  There is a very good reason that these corporations are using their recently defined freedom of speech through credit cards and fundraisers the way they do.  They will gain.  They will have greater ability to separate more money from each and every one of us.

Just in case you were thinking that your $75 high speed internet isn’t high enough.

Just in case you thought that you want fewer choices for your reality television.

Just in case.

So today is the fifteenth Comcast Cares day.  It’s trending on twitter.  Well, it’s trending because it’s promoted.

Comcast doesn’t care.  Not about you or me.

Comcast cares about helping candidates who will help them.

Meanwhile, I cannot wait for the General Election this fall as our corrupt media barters air time and fundraisers in exchange for softer regulations in the future.

What a country.


Threatened in the Restroom

There is such a disconnect in this world.  Especially for a world that is so connected.

Two stories.  And, I guess, this is an easy one.  This is almost too easy to write.  Honestly.

I just read the story of the girl who was literally beaten to death in Delaware.  Her name was Amy.  I’m guessing there is quite a bit still left to unfold regarding this story, but anything that may come out of it will not ever justify the death of a 16 year old.

All the official stories are very vague.  Read social media and we see that it was allegedly over a boy.  Two girls beat Amy in a bathroom while others pulled out their phones to forever save the image of a death of a girl with video.  The punishing blow was when she hit her head on the sink.

This all happened around 8:15 am EDT.

I turned the television on not much after that when I watched Ted Cruz say, “there are some bad people in the world and we shouldn’t be facilitating putting little girls alone in a bathroom with grown, adult men. That is just a bad, bad, bad idea.”

He was in Maryland.

He was making fun of Donald Trump for saying he would let Caitlyn Jenner use any bathroom she wanted in the Trump Towers.

I will repeat the liberal talking point.  I have yet to hear a story of a transgender person raping or inflicting physical pain on a person in a restroom.  Ever.  It’s absurd to believe that Cruz thinks people actually switch (or pretend to switch) genders only to gain access to public restrooms.

As a father of a transgender person, I can say that my concern is actually about the Ted Cruz type people in the world.  Those people with very little understanding and compassion for how the human though process works.  People react in very unfortunate ways when presented with something they cannot comprehend.  It’s sad.  And inhumane.

I honestly do not think Ted Cruz is human.  Definitely not compassionate.

I have read too many stories about people who have no compassion.  Stories of people who cannot let be and beat the people they cannot identify with.  Literally inflicting pain upon others when their emotions are challenged.  The real fear I have is the intolerant.  Those are the sick people.  Those are the people with the problem.

Nobody should fear anybody who is changing to a woman being in a public restroom with Ted Cruz’s daughters.  Besides, my wife and I didn’t let my young daughters into a public restroom by themselves at any point until they begged my wife to let them go.  And then my wife waited outside the door anxiously.  Waiting.  Trying to act cool.

The fear I have would be with other people.

We have a long list of stories regarding people getting treated poorly and beaten or killed because somebody didn’t understand.  Somebody couldn’t fathom what was going on.

I was a kid when I heard the story of a young gay man being dragged along the dirt road with a pickup truck by some intolerant Texans.

I recently read a story of a mob of people chasing and beating a transgender woman.  In public.  While people filmed.

The stories never stopped.  I’m always horrified and terrified with what the average human is capable of doing when confronted with information that does not fit with their “norm.”

I realize there are many people in this world with active imaginations.  I realize.  What’s shameful is when people make up events that have never happened in order to support laws like North Carolina’s awful HB-2.  There is no defense for intolerance.  Never has been.  North Carolina should lose business and should be the laughing stock.

Our giant human brains are capable of just about anything.

The only point I want to make to Ted Cruz and the rest of his intolerant followers is that the only bathroom beating today happened by mean girls.  They fought over a boy.  Real girl on girl violence.  And in this sick, sick world, other girls thought it would be okay to save the violence forever rather than defend the victim.

It’s a sad story that happened in Delaware.  It’s also a sad story which is unfolding throughout the intolerant South.  What I would like to see people do is live within the Venn Diagram circle representing the truth.

No matter how we slice it, Amy was beaten to death in Delaware while others watched.

I just searched “transgender crime” and all I saw was story after story of crimes against transgender people.

I think I know who should really feel threatened.

Debate Cards and Memes

When I was in high school, a friend of mine and I decided we would join the debate team.  Seemed like a good idea and the two of us were among the top students in our class.  We really thought we would be the best team ever.

I’m not sure if I knew what to expect, but the debate team was not what I expected.  Most of what I studied in school came fairly naturally to me, but this just didn’t.  There wasn’t really any homework, but long hours were expected to be put in at the library.

The goal of debate was to find things that other people said and transfer that information onto index cards.  Other kids would get large boxes to hold their cards of information.  Sorted by arguing point.

If I remember correctly, the national debate committee (or something like that) decided on the topic for the semester.  And that was the only topic.  Kids would go through journals looking for great quotes and statistics regarding this topic.  Arguments from those considered to be experts were far greater than arguments from any of us.

I struggled.

The kid I originally planned to team up with found a new partner before the first debates took place.  This was right down his alley.  He spent weekend after weekend at the library.  He devoted so much time that I was not willing to.  My guess is that if I searched him, he’s probably a successful attorney somewhere in the world.

Although, there is a part of me that thinks he could have been the inspiration for Sheldon Cooper.

I believe we were all required to  participate in at least one debate during the semester.  I borrowed one of my dad’s ties one night and did that.  My new partner was about as interested in debating as I was after it all got started.  We went and debated.

I remember a point in the debate when she leaned over to me and said, we don’t have a card to argue against that.  So it goes.

We received compliments on our delivery of information and knowledge, but we did lose our one and only debate.

As the semester came to a close, I submitted a change of schedule.

If you think I sat down at this PC to write about my debate team days of nearly 30 years ago, have a sip of coffee and regain focus.  It might feel as if I’m changing gears.

The other day I came across a tweet by Steve Kornacki from MSNBC.  He does their analysis for them.  The “Big Board” they call it.  Kornacki shows districts and counties where the delegates are coming from and the leanings of voters in certain areas and how that will break down for the candidates and tells the world about exit polls to try and find trends about what is driving the voters.


That is what I could get into.

Get rid of Brian Williams and his smartass comments.  Drop Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews and their blatant bias.  Don’t spin the data to fit your dialogue.  Don’t turn analysis into anything more than it is.  I know there’s a need for somebody to tell the story, but the story better be good.  The real story is that very few people participate.  That’s the real story.  Cover that.

Kornacki posts something about how likely Democrat voters are to vote for either Clinton or Sanders in a General Election.  The exit poll was from New York voters only since that is who was voting.  The data was favorable to Clinton.

The data does not show the story of voter suppression in New York.  From what I’ve seen, 160,000 voters in Brooklyn (Sanders’ home city) had their registrations mysteriously switched so they could not vote.  From what I heard, voters were being turned away even though they were properly registered.  The estimate is that over 3 million voters who thought they should be able to vote in New York could not.

All that is for another post.  It’s embarrassing how the election process is designed in the United States.  You know, the land of the free.

Back to the tweet by Kornacki.  I click on it.  The arguments start.  Normal everyday people.  And then the memes start.

One person posts a graphic with words that support why Hillary Clinton is the better candidate followed by a graphic with words from a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The tennis match continues.  Volleying back and forth from one supporter to another.

ElliotMemeAs I scroll, I couldn’t help but think back to that debate class.  How people must have folders on their PCs full of memes for any occasion.  First ones with data and facts and then condescending ones.  And then insulting ones.  And then, quite honestly, we’ve all lost.

I’ve got news for the whole world.  The debate team is not for everybody and just because you have a picture that says something, does not make it a valid point.  Except for this Sam Elliot meme I just made.

Turns out that it’s very easy to do.  We can all make them.  Look, they even put the web site on my image.  I saw all the popular images.  The most interesting man in the world and that dinosaur and Willy Wonka.

So, here’s my point.  Memes are not proof.  They are not debate cards quoting intellectual journals.  We are all not on the debate team.  People keep talking about how this primary season has been the nastiest yet.  Look how easily people with differing views can create exchanges with each other.

Look how easily we can take each other down a step or two for having an opinion.  Reactions and interactions happen in an instant anymore and it’s only good for public discourse up to a point.

Let’s face it, Bill Clinton controlled what people knew about him and how we was perceived in the public eye.  He was the last president to be elected before the internet.  Nothing has been the same.  Nobody can simply play the saxophone on Arsenio Hall to improve their image.  Not anymore.

So, please remember, memes are not proof.  Memes are not anything but a cheap way to give your opinion.

Just like when listening to the pundits on television who deliver opinions as if they are experts, there comes a point where we all need to be able to think for ourselves and form our own opinions.  Anybody who thinks others’ minds should be easily changed, well, that person is a special kind of stupid (another Sam Elliot meme I could make).

Puppies, Love, and Atheism


I just wrote 500 words and scrapped it.

All based on this guy.


He is nearly four months old and has been so much fun to have in the house.  This little puppy is the definition of joy.

I scrapped the original 500 words because I decided to get to the point faster.

This puppy has been reinforcement of my atheism.  I encourage you to hear me out before you dismiss what I’m trying to say.

My first observations with this very young puppy when we got him a couple of months ago was that his instincts were solid.  Humans must be made to understand certain things that dogs understand fundamentally.  I watched this puppy sniff right past every rock in the yard.  He wasn’t going to try and eat one.  Show me a human baby that won’t try that.  We were always batting bad things out of their hands.

My oldest believes she is some kind of psychology expert and dismissed my observation as uninteresting.  It’s just instincts she told me.  Understood, but humans, in spite of their giant brains, have worse instincts than practically any animal ever.  We are worthless and weak at first needing complete protection and support.  Not that a puppy doesn’t need help, but he wasn’t eating rocks.  He has yet to swallow anything which may kill him.

Besides, observations should be the only thing we base our opinions on.  Not what others say.  Not what we read.  Those are only starting points.

If the neighbor dog barked, my little puppy bolted for the door.  He wanted inside and out of danger.  There would be no risky behavior.  The fence between him and the other dog didn’t matter.  Yet he’s been around other dogs which he completely engaged.  He knows.

So my point is that we engage in risky behavior and have poor instincts, yet we seek answers for this.  We want to believe in something more powerful than anybody, and if our parents and neighborhood leaders are willing to spin us a yarn about this omniscient being, we’ll buy it.  We’ll follow it anywhere.

Get ’em while they are young.

Fortunately for this puppy we are benevolent owners.  We treat him well.

Don’t let those sad eyes fool you.  He’s a happy dog that greets me every morning with so much love.  He honestly believes that the two-legged creatures which roam the house are what drives him.  Well, at least me and my wife.  He waits for me at the door as I get ready.  He greets me with happiness and starts each and every day right.

He doesn’t know any better.  He lives for us and follows us.  We are his religion.  We are his god.

I’ve seen some people who treat dogs very poorly.  There’s no excuse.  Like with humans, people should not get a dog if they do not know how or are not willing to treat them well.

Consider them Old Testament owners.

Dogs require our attention to validate them.  To keep them going and give them direction.  Why else would they roll over?  Why else would they sit?

Our egos are fed by a dogs unconditional love and willingness to follow us anywhere.

I talk to this puppy all the time.  I’m not going to tell him the truth, though.

Why would I?

Let’s face it, there is no good in that truth.  He should think that I’m some kind of god even though I have no inclinations toward being one.  No desire.  I just like the attention.  The unconditional love.

He’s my buddy.

He, like so many earthlings, really doesn’t know any better.  He doesn’t realize that he’s just young.

What I do believe is that I should be able to look forward to years of this.

The difference between what the puppy and the religious experience is that I really exist.

My puppy can count on that.

For now.


Sexuality Politics

I had plans to write about other things today.  Been working on something in my head.

But plans change.

I came across the following video by The Young Turks discussing how a Christian author named Mack Major wrote an entire book discussing the evils of female masturbation.  Sex Demons!  If I were a porn producer, I would totally take on that challenge.

I’m guessing Mack Major has never satisfied a woman in his life.

And despite these three in the video having tons of fun at Mack Major’s book, Ana Kasparian has a good point.  There is way too much shaming going on.  Mostly (nearly completely) toward women.

I thought about writing about this today, but delayed.  Didn’t feel it was enough to really get into.  Even with the crazies in the deep south trying to pass laws which discriminate against homosexual and transgender people behind the guise of religious liberty.  Oh, also discriminate against anybody for any reason any time.  Awesome.

So why am I writing?

Because I stumbled across this article about my favorite piece of shit- Ted Cruz.

That time he tried to outlaw dildos.

That inspired me.

Many people use the term “dildo” as an insult toward another.  I’m afraid calling Ted Cruz a “dildo” would be inappropriate as I’m guessing he’s never provided sexual pleasure.  I don’t know.  It’s only an educated guess.  That kind of repression is not usually conducive to happiness.

His peddles his religion to the point that he acts as if he needs to force his religious beliefs upon other people.  Basically, he seems to live in a world where sex is only for creating offspring.

Poor Heidi.

So here’s my thing.  And I’ve believed this as long as I thought about such things.

Politicians should stay out of the bedroom.


Well, as long as the people engaging in the sexual acts are consenting and adult human beings.  That’s where the laws should stop.

Twenty years ago I was fascinated with the sodomy laws which were on record in so many states.  These were real things and they never should have been.  I’m not looking up all the information which I found to write blog posts of years past.

I do remember trying to convince my wife to break the law in Utah once.

This one will be short.  People should be able to express themselves however they want as long as nobody is hurt.  What conservative assholes like Ted Cruz and Mack Major struggle with is accepting that not everybody has the same religion as them and they shouldn’t be upset that others are enjoying themselves way more than they are.

Misery loves company.  I realize this.

Most sodomy laws have gone.

LGBT rights have improved by leaps and bounds over the years, yet we still find the bigots come out of the closet to restrict the rights of others.

Here’s the thing:  Just because others have gay sex does not mean you have to.  Never has.

Here’s another thing:  More Republicans have been arrested for misbehaving in public restrooms than transgender people.

But there are still people who think they can hold others back from expressing themselves.  Their weapon is guilt.

I believe that everybody should send pictures of their dildos to Ted Cruz.  Think about it, if Ted Cruz were to actually become president of the United States, how restrictive would he try to be?  He couldn’t get his way in Texas, but getting more power can’t be good.  He should understand that he’s in the minority.  And not just 49%.  He should understand that his regressive attitudes are not acceptable.

Besides, Heidi Cruz is likely taking care of herself while her husband is out serving coffee to locals he is trying to con.  The dildo and/or vibrator could be hidden in a safe behind that one painting of Jesus.  She just has to clear her browser search history of “how a guy pleases a woman” before her husband gets home.

His twitter is @tedcruz.

Democracy Spring and the CMI Coverage

Do a quick search for Democracy Spring.

Now, click on the CNN article regarding it.  MSNBC?  Fox?

Yeah, it’s not there.

As I write this, there are a thousand people sitting on the steps of Congress.  They are sitting there just like “a bill” in the old Schoolhouse Rocks cartoon, but “a bill” didn’t get arrested and nobody quite knew what he represented.

Let’s go ahead and label this story as part of the Corporately Modified Information (CMI) series right now, because the corporate media is not interested.  It’s not news.

But we have a thousand people risking arrest today and over 3,000 people have pledged.  They marched from Philadelphia to Washington DC over the past week for a reason.

Get money out of politics.

I understand why they don’t want to cover this.  Why the news with all of its CMI has decided this is not newsworthy.  I get it.  But it is.  It is the definition of news.  See, if people find out about this, they might join in.  They might become part of the process.  They might actually care.

I flipped through the three major news channels after seeing pictures like the one below with police surrounding the sit-in and not allowing the independent media in.

MSNBC had Joy Reid sitting down with some voters in Syracuse, New York at a diner.

Fox was showing some female attorneys discussing how some women who said there were hate crimes against them were really the aggressors and there is no evidence of any crimes.  In fact, they said, these women are in some really big trouble.  Hard hitting.

CNN was running the very important story about how Ivanka and Eric Trump did not register to vote in time.

I can’t believe that nobody was discussing the Wyoming caucus that happened over the weekend.

Any of them.  Somebody.

So I’m looking at The Young Turks, RT, Democracy Now, Town Hall, Raw Story, The Hill, and on and on.  They are all covering this with live pictures and video.  They are showing the people sitting on the steps wishing they were just “a bill” that was not being ignored.

And then MSNBC shows results from a poll they are running right now.  Do you think that our delegate system is rigged?

There were 85% of the people who voted, at the time I was watching, who said it is.  That means 85% of the people who voted would be interested in Democracy Spring.

Remember when Occupy CNN happened?

Again, The Young Turks, Alternet, and Progressive Army is all that comes up.  Oh, and some blogs.

All these people were standing outside of CNN’s studios in Los Angeles protesting.  Nobody cared.  I understand that they were generally Bernie Sanders supporters and they were protesting how the media did not cover his wins.  I understand that there was a bias to the protests, but the media is supposed to reporting news.

As a contrast, if ten people show up to protest a Trump rally, it gets covered.  I know that there can be violence and the sensationalism of it all is pretty high.  And people just love hearing Trump say, “Get ’em outta here!”  But the media should be reporting news and only news.

I flipped through the channels again.

MSNBC was covering New York voters again.  First polls to be released in the next day of New York voters.

I couldn’t tell what Fox was talking about.

Breaking news on CNN.  They will be hosting town halls with all the Republican candidates’ families over the coming days.  Their families too?  This is really some hard hitting shit.  I can see Ted and Heidi Cruz telling their kids to act like they love their daddy when the cameras are on.

For the love of god say something cute, would you?  Help people like me!

Now I’m not saying that this is the biggest media story of the day.  I mean, Ivanka and Eric didn’t understand the rules regarding registering as a Republican in New York.  Come on, they are only in their 30’s, why would anybody that young have registered before now?

I’m reading a bus full of people have already been arrested.

I’m reading that this may go on all week.

37K Tweets As Of Right Now.

They say it’s a record for most arrests at the Capitol.

I still want there to be a day when these news companies must start their programs by saying…

We are required by law to disclose that the following program contains Corporately Modified Information- also known as CMI.  Continue watching skeptically.

It was once said that the revolution will be televised.  Corporations will stop at nothing to prove that statement incorrect.

Corporately Modified Information (CMI)

I just can’t watch anymore.

I just can’t.

I’m not sure how I did for so long.

The media telling me what to think and deciding what are real issues that need wall to wall coverage.

I’ll tell you what’s not interesting.  Candidates deciding if the other is “qualified” to be president.  As far as I can tell, none of them are.  Or all of us are.  Every single one of us.  Take your pick really.  Because they will all be propped up by somebody somewhere with some agenda.

More interesting to me right now is what qualifies as news.  Who decides what we are going to talk about and what’s going to get everybody all riled up?

Bill Clinton had some pretty interesting things to say to a Black Lives Matter protester yesterday.  Not news.

Hillary Clinton shoved her finger in somebody’s face and told her she’s tired of Bernie’s lies.  Not news for long.

Hillary Clinton kept saying that she felt sorry for the young people of this country who believe all the lies Bernie Sanders says.  Not news.

Will this be what brings Sanders down?

Will this be what brings Trump down?

I know it’s tough to fill 24 hours with news.  Well, 24 hours minus episodes of Lockup.  I mean, Lockup because we have a whole bunch of people who spend their lives in prison.  So we need to fabricate the news.  We need to give you interesting things to get you all riled up.  We need to figure out what will get people excited and what will get the candidates the media wants elected.

Twenty-four hours is a ton of time to fill.  And there is no real news.  It’s all talk and pundits and bullshit.  To help fill it, they invite the biggest bullshitters on to spout excrement as time filler.  That’s my only explanation as to how Ann Coulter gets to talk in this world.

She said during the Wisconsin primaries, “I love Wisconsin, it’s the home of Joe McCarthy.” and, women are going to need a lot more abortions if we don’t close our borders.

So Joe McCarthy was awesome and Mexicans are rapists.  Book her for the night of the New York primaries.  If she has time between Bill Maher episodes that is.

Let me get back on track.

So here we are.  Passive and obedient.  Arguing over meaningless things and not discussing anything worthwhile.

I guess I am confused what we would be talking about if it were not a primary season.  If the cycle wasn’t in full swing.  Is all other news and events not worth talking about?

I turned on the news for a minute today.  That’s all I saw.  Garbage piled on top of garbage.  I’m on strike.  Maybe that makes me apathetic, but I think it makes me care.  I feel as if all the major corporate news channels are trying to do is fill our brains with rubbish.  They are trying to get our minds to consume the equivalent of fast food made with GMOs.

Comcast and Time Warner and Fox are like Monsanto.  They are modifying the news to make it easier to produce while making it so easy to consume, but it’s so bad for us.  Very bad.

Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.

-Noam Chomsky

What GMOs are to the human digestive system is what CMIs (Corporately Modified Information) are to the human mind and the flow of information.

See, here’s the thing.  You get some corn.  You think it’s corn so it must be good for you.  I mean, corn is good.  But it’s been manipulated through genetic engineering.  It’s not labeled as such.  So the corn you get may not be good for you at all.  Over 60 countries say that it’s not.  I just read that 88% of all corn produced in the United States in 2011 was GMO corn.

Here’s what I’m trying to say about the media.  You turn on a news channel.  It’s 1:00 pm, so your only choice is a 24 hour news channel.  It looks like the news because they have a person dressed all nice sitting behind a desk talking about issues and sounding all serious, but it’s really CMI.  It’s been corporately engineered to make you consume information that isn’t really important while thinking it is.  I am pretty positive that 94% of all news produced in the United States is CMI news.

But you really can’t tell, can you?  Just like the corn, it looks like real news and there’s a small chance it could be real news.

Why I would love to introduce CMI Labeling Legislation.  If corporations modified the news stories of the day in any way then the program should be labeled CMI.  This should be a thing.  Because there is real news in the world that is truly informative and we should have access to it, but we don’t know where to look.

I’ll end this with one more quote.  Then try to keep the earmarks out of my legislation because it will likely only pass if it includes a lifetime sentence for doctors performing abortions, a ten percent rise in the price of fossil fuels, and a lifetime supply of Laffy Taffy for Mitch McConnell.

How it is we have so much information, but know so little?
― Noam Chomsky