What Is Wrong With You?

I don’t like talking about him.  I think that’s all he really wants.

It’s as if he is so starved for attention that he tries to drum it up from any direction.  Why else would he color his skin that shade of orange and give himself a gold dome of hair?

It’s as if he really asks him self each morning, what can I say to sound like a total ass hole?  How many people can I alienate and still win?

The difference, in my opinion, between Trump and Cruz is that Trump seemingly doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He’s the guy who only laughed at his jokes as a child as soon as everybody else started laughing.  He plays the crowd.  And the shit starts to flow.  Cruz seems to know right from wrong and chooses wrong consistently.

If Trump was not running this year, Cruz would have been eliminated long ago.  Cruz sells a message of hate toward everything he doesn’t understand.  Trump sells an isolationist message combined with Charlie Sheen’s drug and prostitution habit (winning).

But this isn’t about Cruz.  He only appears to be redeemable because he is running against a full on coward and clown.

This isn’t about Trump.  Well, kind of.

I’m not sure who this is about, but I’m pretty sure it’s about  society.  What is wrong with us?

In only seven days.  Forget the rest of this season.  Seven goddamn days.

Trump started by getting really upset that a PAC (although he accuses Cruz) created an add showing Melania nude and asked if Utah wanted her to be the First Lady.  Trump’s anger is so ridiculous because any of us could have seen this picture before.  We probably did.

It’s public.

She got paid to pose in GQ.

Anybody can see it.

He would have a right to be upset had that picture been lifted somewhere.  If it were private.  If it were taken in the way Erin Andrews’ pictures were.  That would have been reason, but the guy married a woman who made a living getting her picture taken in no to barely any clothes.  He seems to be very proud of this fact.

I know this because he responded as any child would with a “my wife is hotter than your wife” response to Cruz.

Followed by a “he started it” defense.

My dad didn’t accept that answer when I was seven.  And my brother always started it.

But what we all really want to get from these people is a little policy.  I think.  I mean, outside of getting rid of all immigrants who are not super models from Europe and carpet bombing the enemy with no home.

Trump said last night that we will have the biggest, greatest military anybody has ever seen followed by we are not the world’s police and sprinkle in all the tax cuts .  Contradictions because he really doesn’t know anything.

All of this leads to today.  Yes, today.

And you’ll find that when you become very successful, the people that you will like best are the people that are less successful than you, because when you go to a table you can tell them all of these wonderful stories, and they’ll sit back and listen.  Does that make sense to you? OK? Always be around unsuccessful people because everybody will respect you. Do you understand that?

With that one statement to a bunch of people in Wisconsin today, he revealed his entire strategy.  Brag about your success and tell them stories.  Even if they are lies.  Convince people you are successful and they will buy anything you are selling.

Think about his supporters.  They often support Trump with the line, he’s a really successful businessman.  He’s not.  He’s successful, but he’s only been successful in the sense that he is wealthy.  Some people define success this way.

Moving on.  Later that day…

There has to be some sort of punishment for women who have abortions.

Trump said that.  Cruz knows better than to say something like this, but I bet he agrees.  He has to.  It’s who he is.  The truth is that this statement is contingent upon the government making abortion illegal.

Red trucker hats are being pressed as we speak.  I’m guessing.

Make abortion illegal again.

So in one week, he admitted that he cons people, that women are merely objects, and that women deserve some sort of punishment if the government can make abortion illegal.

So my question to all of you is simple.

What is wrong with you?

What is it?

What, as a society, has allowed you to buy into all this shit?  What makes you think there is anything but bluster from the biggest jack ass of a used car salesman?  And don’t pretend that you like used car salesmen.

Why does America really believe that turning to isolationism and regressing women’s rights is okay?

Why are we accepting of the childish behavior and demeanor?

I can’t blame the media.  Not completely.  It’s the American way, right?  Supply and demand?  There was the demand and thirst for hate speech and the media delivered it daily.  They broke into every show.

They are going to continue to show this until you turn the television completely OFF.

Turn it off.

I read a tweet from Joy Reid yesterday.  The question posed was why Jill Stein gets absolutely no media coverage.  Why she doesn’t get a town hall or a debate?  Not even a blurb.  And Reid answered in a way that explained why corporations kept Sanders off the air a few weeks ago.

Reid said that nobody is entitled to media coverage.

No more truer words were said.  Because she explained media coverage like Republicans explain unemployment insurance or good schools.

Just because all the money starts with you, the tax payer or news viewer, does not mean you need to get anything good out of it.  You’ll get exactly what the media thinks you deserve.

That’s what it all boils down to.

You can have potholes and poor schools.  You can have a media which tells you what is right for you.  The only person who does not get to know what is right for you is you while help is constantly given to those that don’t need any.

Trickle down media.

That is until you demand more.

And if you refuse to demand more, look yourself in the mirror and ask that question.

What is wrong with you?


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