Tone It Down

I’ve expressed my disappointment with the Republicans today.  Well, mostly you, the reality television show viewer, for demanding more of this trainwreck.

Let’s go to the other side.  Because they are embarrassing too.

I saw a picture of people standing in front of a hall holding signs today.  Hillary Clinton didn’t have time for them because she was on her way to a $2,700 a ticket fundraiser.

I read a story about how George and Amal Clooney have ponied up $353,400 to dine with Hillary Clinton in a couple of weeks.  Tax day to be specific.  I’m not sure how many years I’d have to count back for my wages to add up to that amount of money.

The next day will be a $33,400 per ticket fundraiser that the Clooneys and Clinton have put together.

I realize that all of this is legal now that money is the official form of speech of the Unites States of America.  I understand this.  Why my only form of speech is a free blog on WordPress.  Hope those ads down there aren’t too annoying.

I understand that the entire thing will never be changed as long as rich people get together to determine how poor people like me will be taken care of.

Bill Clinton didn’t give a fuck about me and neither will Hillary.

In fact, the only thing it seems Hillary gained from her time as First Lady was the ability to make a whole lot of money for doing very little but speak to Wall Street.

Hillary Clinton is making a mockery of the electoral process.  She is trying to buy the election.  People don’t fork over money for little in return but maybe a chance to help the first woman be president.  There’s a real return on this investment.

And probably favors as the super delegates are a true mockery of the system.  There are 118 (17 of those are super) delegates in my state, which went handily to Bernie Sanders.  Here’s what’s happening.  Because of the system, Clinton is likely not to feel the huge loss because of the super delegate system which has been put in place.

So much for the idea of representatives.

Why did I even caucus?

I thought it would be fun.  Take my kids to caucus for the first time.  Show them how democracy works.  Oh, the questions since are giving them the real lesson.

Those in charge don’t really want voters.  They want apathy so that the people in charge stay in charge.  Democracy doesn’t exist.




We are run by Mickey Mouse’s dog.

Clinton has changed gears toward the general election.  Fundraisers like these are to take on Trump or Cruz and not Sanders.

And then the Clinton campaign joined Republican front runner Donald Trump in deciding they are done debating.  They are done letting the world see their opponents’ strengths.  They have decided that they will only talk in controlled situations from here on out.

Her campaign told Sanders that they didn’t like the negative campaign he is running.  That he needed to tone it down.

Tone it down.

Reading now that Sanders has been left off the Washington DC ballot.  Nice.

That’s fucking democracy.

Forget it.

The whole system is designed to make all of us more apathetic.

I mean, you can vote, but you may have to stand in line for five hours.

You can vote, but this is a delegate system and we’ve already got a group of delegates we trust.

The only argument people use anymore is, “if you don’t vote for Clinton then Trump wins.”  Lesser of two evils on steroids.  I don’t even care anymore.

I am extremely liberal.  Not liberal like it’s okay to export jobs liberal.  Not like Bill Clinton.

Not liberal like let’s keep perpetuating the war on drugs so we can incarcerate more minorities with a crime bill liberal.  Not like Bill Clinton liberal.

I’m not the kind of liberal who believes it’s okay to continue getting rich on the backs of the poor.

The more this election cycle continues, the more I realize that I will never see real change in my life.  Other than more laws which benefit the wealthy.

The Democratic Party has pretty much lost me as a voter.

My children are able to vote for the first time this year.

What an introduction.

What a joke.


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