Only One Chance

I want to write a book.  I have the storyline working through my brain.

I’m atheist.

Those who are religious believe they are living this life for a higher purpose.  Western religions believe in an afterlife.  Many Eastern religions believe that you get another crack at all this, so be the best you can be to strengthen your next life.

All excuses to keep people in line and to justify why some people get to live a better life than others.  I do really believe this.  Religions are put in place to justify why some people have better lives.  And to explain what people do not understand.

For years this meant why the sun was up sometimes and not others or to explain why everything fell to the ground.  Science is amazing.  If you accept it.

But this isn’t about my atheism.  This is about my philosophy on life.

This is about the people who run the world.  Run our country.  Run the system.  I have never been more disappointed in the entire process as I am right now.  Watching all this go on.  I need a job.  I get dressed up every week in order to convince somebody that I’m the right fit for their company.

Other job interviews don’t seem to be the same.

Trump yells and incites violence.

Clinton changes her goals and platform.

Cruz is just plain wrong.  On many levels.  It’s not like he’s dumb, but he acts as if he’s going to force people to like him.  It’s his one goal.  That and to shove the Bible down our throats.

If Cruz were to get the Republican nomination, he may as well quote Sally Field and be on his way.  But he’s not capable of that and nobody really likes him.

This thing is about how we get one shot in this world.  One shot only.

And if somebody decides that you are not worthy of having a legitimate shot, then you get dismissed.  In a very real way.

Look at what happened in Flint, MI.  Snyder decided these people did not deserve a decent existence.  He decided that they deserved lead.  He may get away with it.  Waiting to see.

Trump is willing to marginalize entire ethnicities.

Clinton has been taking advantage of people for far too long.

I can’t think of too many people who were put into a position of power and did not use that position in order to increase their lives over others.  That’s being human.  That’s having a giant brain.  That’s the problem.

I had a friend who argued what we need is a benevolent dictator.  Somebody who will come in and force people to do the right thing.  Because this isn’t working.  It never will.  Not as long as the wealthy are simply using the government in order to find more ways to become wealthier.

The flaw in his plan is determining what is benevolent.

Impossible as long as the motto of our nation is to think of ways to separate others from their money.

I think about those who had their one shot during the Great Depression.  What a horrible time to be born.

I think about the result of that economic collapse- Hitler.  He advertised hope to a starving, struggling nation.  Nationalism.  Isolationism.  Breeding hate.

But that’s the only reason people go into a position of power.

What has been proven to me is that democracy is a figment of our imagination.  That people have little compassion.  That stopping good things from happening is easier than allowing good.

Think of all the wars that have been fought.  We fight for no good reason and sacrifice all those lives in order to gain power.  Selling patriotism.  Selling hate.  Selling absolutely nothing good.

And then we sell some god’s will.  What was meant to be.

I am amazed at how easily people will dismiss the happiness of generations in exchange for a little extra in the bank.  A little easier life.

I think of all the countries in which people are born only to sacrifice themselves.  It will happen, and it’s likely better than the life they can lead otherwise.  They are sold purpose.

I think of those who were born to a sadistic father.

We each only get one shot.

This one shot should be fairly handed out.  It should be considered.

We don’t always get a good hand, but those who are not in a position of power seem to have the cards stacked against them.


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