Cut the Cord

I’m not sure how to start this little thing.

First, I’ll say how disappointed I am in the results of the Ides of March primaries.  Both sides.  Are you fucking serious?  Trump and Clinton?  How predictable.

Both Trump and Sanders are arguing that their campaigns are movements.  Trump’s campaign being the bowel movement of America.  I’m not trying to be funny.

I read my twitter account and see all the people that say liberals need to go ahead and fall behind Clinton.  If we don’t, we are allowing a Trump presidency.  Know how hard it is to create a tyranny in this country?  The congressional elite have tried to create tyranny over the last 7 years after feeding little Bush all his lines for eight years.  Let’s face it, they have done very little except be intrusive and obstructionist.

Do I think more or less will get done regardless if it’s Trump or Clinton?  The country voted, quite honestly, for more of the same.  Don’t tell them.  They think they voted for a revolution.

But they really voted for the 1%.  They voted for the wealthy controlling what the poor gets.  Clinton has adopted Sanders’ message, but we all know she will move to the center as soon as all has been settled.  Trump will blatantly move to the center.  He will be unabashed in his change in policy.  Clinton will try to be more clever.  I don’t honestly believe there is much difference in what they can accomplish.  It’s all in the rhetoric.

These two are two of the most hated people in politics.  If Cruz were to win the GOP nomination, then it would be the two most hated people in politics.  Within reason.

So I find that I’m in a situation similar to Trump’s foreign advisor.  He said this morning on one of his many promotional morning shows the following.

I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain, and I’ve said a lot of things.

Yes you have.  And a lot of people are very stupid regarding a lot of things and, let’s be real, you don’t know shit, do you?  Can you be honest?

Can Hillary Clinton be honest?

So I will speak to myself.  Because I’ve said a lot of things.  I really have.  And my brain is not gone yet.  Not quite.  Sometimes I think life would be easier.

So I reach out to myself 20 years ago.  I was younger and I was more idealistic and I was disappointed in the system.

I was disappointed in Bill Clinton.
I was disappointed in the election of 2000.
I was disappointed not only in the way George W. Bush mishandled policy and the public, but in the way that our senate allowed this to happen.  They voted for all of his horrible policies while the economy was collapsing.  Nobody did a thing.

Clinton said she waited until all the damage was done before she went to Wall Street, shook hands with donors, and said, “cut it out” just like that guy from Full House.  This ain’t a fucking sitcom.  Nobody was laughing.  Except for her donors.  And Donald Trump- who saw his investments and reality television show grow during this time.

Over in the corner of my garage I have a sign that reads, “No Iraq War.”


My apologies, but the sun is out slightly today.  Screwed up the bottom right corner.  I didn’t care.  I’m not taking another picture.

That sign is old.  I’m holding on to it.  I had that out years ago before we went to war.  I watched as the media changed their outlook on the issue and told us that hit “had” to happen.  I told my wife those very thoughts.  I saw the shift.

We love war.  It’s an embarrassing part of being a dominant power.  It’s an embarrassing part allowing certain people to run the country.  All peacocks.

I watched the news quite often over the past several months.

I watched as Chris Matthews asked the daily question of whether the world would actually vote for a Socialist in the General Election.  I watched as he condemned the world for considering Sanders a viable candidate.  Somebody should inform Matthews there is a difference.  It’s not the people who made you hide under your desk when you were a child at the height of the Cold War.

I turned the channel every single time Rachel Maddow decided to give Hillary Clinton softball questions as a Democratic forum.  It was really just an hour long advertisement.  Maddow, in all fairness, did need to take breaks from constant coverage of the Flint water crisis.  Not that what happened in Flint isn’t horrible, but Maddow did not need to make it her personal issue.

I guess now is a good time to warn you that this will be a long one.  I haven’t written in a while.  I got spooked.  I’ve a lot on my mind.

We, as a society, tend to get more conservative as we get older.  That’s the nature of our beast.  The beast with a giant brain.  The beast that gets tired with age.

That’s the biggest part.  We get tired.  We get beaten down.  We get exhausted.  We get frustrated.  Nothing works.

So the right has decided to put all hope into a man who hasn’t been conservative all that long and only found religion on politics when a black man became president.  The right has decided the movement they can get behind is a bigot.  Congratulations.  Your true colors are shining through.

The left has decided to play it safe and run with a candidate who won’t move a thing.  She will be similar to her husband and make business deals which help nobody but the wealthy.  See NAFTA.  That crime bill.  See how easily he crossed the aisle for temporary gains.  How the nutrition of America has taken a back burner.

But Clinton received long term gains.  So did Wall Street.  So did the Walton family (Hillary sat on the board of Wal-Mart for several years while her husband was governor of home state Arkansas).  Tell me this isn’t any different that George W. Bush receiving a generous price for the Texas Rangers followed by Bush providing Hicks with some major deregulation for Clear Channel?

People latched on this year as the Socialist Democrat pushed for economic justice.  Arguing that the Middle Class has gone.  Arguing that the 1% is ruining dialogue and culture in America.  But Hillary was the beneficiary of a favorable debate schedule and media that disagreed with internet consensus on a daily basis.  The Southeast states which were favorable to Clinton have all voted and created a deficit Sanders may not be able to overcome.  There’s a momentum.

But this was important to many people.  The issues facing us every single day.  The corrupt system which has been rewarding the richest in our country for way too long.  Are we destined to have a movement every generation which falls flat because the system is rigged for those who have already manipulated it?

Are we forever condemned to see no change unless it benefits those who have purchased our government in exchange for favorable legislation?

I sit here and reminisce about the days when I had so much more energy.

When I had hope for my children.

For myself.

When I was ready to take on anything if it benefited the general population.

I was passionate.

But the system is meant to pull you down into the muck.  It’s meant to make you give up.  It’s meant to allow those who already in control to stay in control.

We are a country of dynasties.  Prove to me we are any better off than any monarchy we would possible make fun of because it’s not democratic.

Prove it.

I want a democracy which actually works for people.  Is it possible?

I worry about how my children will get their feet off the ground making a minimum wage that won’t get them anywhere.  It definitely won’t get them out of my house.

I worry about how uncomfortable it will be to die in my living room because health care has gotten out of hand.

Nobody is really addressing these things, because they don’t care.

The media and the candidates are all selling the same pile of shit.  Ensuring further success for all of those who have helped them get where they are.

So, here it is, Guerilla Radio.  Because people actually cared 20 years ago.

Was it cast for the mass who burn and toil?
Or for the vultures who thirst for blood and oil?
Yes a spectacle monopolized
They hold the reins, stole your eyes
All the fistagons the bullets and bombs
Who stuff the banks and staff the party ranks?
More for Gore or the son of a drug lord
None of the above fuck it cut the cord



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